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Director of Wenzhou technology transfer center of Zhejiang university came to our company to guide our work.

On November 05, 2015, Li qiaoshi, director of Wenzhou technology transfer center of Zhejiang university, and Jiang jingjing, deputy secretary general of Wenzhou alumni association of Zhejiang university, visited our company for guidance.

 Director Li and vice president Wu of our company have in-depth exchanged and discussed the development direction and technical application of solar power generation system products, discussed strategic cooperation matters, and laid a solid foundation for future school-enterprise cooperation.

Director Li asked about the characteristics of our company's current products and the research and development of new products.

 At the exchange meeting, director Li introduced in detail the research and development of Zhejiang university's products in power electronics, solar power generation and other fields in recent years, the international advantages of the project results, and the development direction of new energy products.

 The two sides unanimously advocated the principles of " sharing resources, complementing each other's advantages, mutual benefit and win-win results, and common development" and continued to intensify discussions on personnel training and exchange, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, and scientific and technological innovation.  Director Li has high hopes for cooperation between the two sides.

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