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Participated in the " symposium on the 13th five - year plan for Wenzhou's energy development"

August 11, 2016, Leqing Yongmao Power Supply Co., Ltd. was invited by Leqing office to participate in the "Wenzhou Energy Development Thirteen-Five Planning Symposium".

Director of the Wenzhou Development and Reform Commission Lee, director of the Leqing, and the municipal gardening Bureau, power supply Bureau and other relevant departments of the representative published the city in the 45 period, in the field of new energy in the macro-planning. Leqing various new energy fields of enterprise representatives, Chint Group, Huayi Group, Bellian Wind Energy, China Resources, le Qingyongmao and other active speakers, and director Li led the panel of experts to carry out detailed discussions.

Le Qingyongmao as a participant in the field of inverter, we introduced the company's current photovoltaic Off-grid pure sine wave inverter, mppt photovoltaic charge controller, distributed grid-connected inverter products such as research and sales, and achieved a number of invention patents, utility model patents and software copyright and other scientific and technological achievements And the company's Thirteen-Five development planning also made a detailed introduction, by experts and leaders of praise and encouragement.

At the end of the meeting, Wenzhou, director of the Development and Reform Commission to do a summary, and our industry has high expectations and wishes, hope that our new energy industry can be rapid and healthy development for the Leqing economic development to make greater contributions!

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